Vehicle Administration Training Course

Course Description

Course description


This course will cover the basic use of the vehicle administration toolkit. 

The attendees for this course should be as follows: Sales Managers, Sales Administrators as well as Account Staff who may be involved in Vehicle Administration

Course agenda

 Creating a Used and New Vehicle 

Accepting a Vehicle into Stock 

Posting a Purchase Invoice 

Creating an order on a Stock Record

  • Adding a Part Exchange
  • Adding a PX Settlement

 Invoicing and Crediting a Vehicle

 Delivering a Vehicle

 Posting a Receipt, Deposit and Settlement

 Posting a Bonus

 Closing a Stock Record


- Complete the practice sheet given by the trainer

For running this exercise, please use the information / worksheet relating to your delegate number. This will be referred to as your data set.

Please press print after completing each of the exercises and retain. Once all exercises have been completed, return this signed along with all the printouts.

Login to the system

Access Accounts and select Vehicle Administration


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.

1.       Creating a New Vehicle

·         Create a New Vehicle using the 1st model from the dataset sheet

·         Choose any colour and enter the Supplier as the 1st Supplier from the dataset sheet

·         Create the Stock record and make note of the Stock No.: ……………..

Complete ⎕

2.       Creating a Used Vehicle

·         Enter the 1st Registration No. from the dataset sheet

·         Select the 1st Staff name in the “Purchased by” drop down

·         Enter the Supplier as the 1st Supplier from the dataset sheet

·         Enter the due date as todays date

·         Enter the Purchase Price as £6000.00 and leave the Vat Status set to Margin Vehicle

·         Enter the Sale Price as £6500.00

·         Create the Stock record and make note of the Stock No.: ……………..

Complete ⎕

3.       Accepting a Vehicle into Stock

·         Accept the stock number created in Exercise 2 into Stock using todays date

Complete ⎕

4.       Posting a Purchase Invoice

·         Go to the Stock record created in Exercise 2 and post a Purchase Invoice

·         Enter the Supplier as the 1st Supplier from the dataset sheet

·         Enter the invoice number as your initials and date. E.g Fred Bloggs 06/08/2013 would be FB060813

·         Enter the date as todays date and the invoice value as £6000.00

·         Print the Self Billing Invoice and complete

Complete ⎕

5.       Creating an Order

·         Create an order against the Stock record created in Exercise 2

·         Use the 1st customer from the dataset sheet

·         Raise the Order and print a copy

Complete ⎕



6.       Retrieve an Order and add a Part Exchange

·         Retrieve the Order from the Stock record created in Exercise 2

·         Add a part exchange using the 2nd Registration No. from the dataset sheet

·         Enter the mileage as 15000

·         Leave the VAT status as Margin and enter the Stand In Value as £5000.00

·         Enter the Customer PX Allowance as £5000.00

·         Save and Close the Order

Complete ⎕

7.       Raising a Sales Invoice

·         Raise a Sales Invoice against the Stock Record created in Exercise 2

·         Print a copy of the invoice

Complete ⎕

8.       Crediting a Sales Invoice

·         Credit the invoice from the 1st Stock record on the dataset sheet

Complete ⎕

9.       Delivering a Vehicle

·         Deliver the vehicle created in Exercise 2

·         Use the delivery date as todays date

Complete ⎕

10.   Posting a Receipt

·         Post a receipt for £1500.00 on the stock record created in Exercise 2

·         Use the pay name as your initials and leave the date as todays date

·         Print a receipt and complete

Complete ⎕

11.   Posting a Bonus

·         Post a bonus to the Stock record created in Exercise 1

·         Enter the bonus type as Tactical and the value as £500.00

Complete ⎕

12.   Posting a PX Settlement

·         Post a PX Settlement as a cheque against the 1st Stock record from the dataset sheet

·         Enter the value as £5000.00 and the Cheque No. as 123456

·         Post the settlement

Complete ⎕

13.   Closing a Deal

·         Close the deal created in Exercise 2 using todays date


Delegate Declaration:

I confirm that I have completed the exercises on the above topics


Signed:                                                 Position:                                                              Date:                                                    

Name:                                                  Company:                                                           Trainer:                                




Delegate 1                                                                  Delegate 2

Vehicle Model:                                                            Vehicle Model:

VW FOX *Basic 1.2 55PS 5 Speed Manual 3 Door      VW FOX *Urban 1.2 55PS 5-spend

(Code: V0AHF)                                                             Manual 3 Door (Code: V0AHG)          

Supplier:                                                                      Supplier:

A/c 0153 – J A LEE                                                       A/c 0099 – W. FOSTER & SON

Registration No.’s:                                                       Registration No.’s:

AF59 MEV                                                                   WF13HVB

X66KEL                                                                        S11SPV

Customer:                                                                   Customer:

Amy Reilly                                                                   Richard Gates

Stock Record:                                                              Stock Record:

990 – Reg: VE01AD                                                     1561 – Reg: VE02AD                          



Delegate 3                                                                  Delegate 4

Vehicle Model:                                                            Vehicle Model:

KIA SPORTAGE First Edition (Code: 78CB)                  KIA CEE’D VR-7 (Code: 5B2B)

Supplier:                                                                      Supplier:

A/c 0142 – KIA MOTORS                                            A/c 0179 –M. HARTLEY

Registration No.’s:                                                       Registration No.’s:

YS62AZZ                                                                      YU04TZB

YT09MEV                                                                    R14OCH

Customer:                                                                   Customer:

Jake Howard                                                               Jessica Simms

Stock Record:                                                              Stock Record:

1678 – VE03AD                                                           1616 – VE04AD          



Delegate 5                                                                 

Vehicle Model:

KIA MAGENTIS CRDi TR (Code: 449A)                                                


A/c 0185 – J.NORMAN                                                           

Registration No.’s:      




Blake Christian                                                           

Stock Record: 

1297 – VE05AD                                                          

Exercise 1:

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Exercise 3:

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Exercise 5:

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