Autotrader Connect Interface V2

Navigator is fully integrated with Autotrader via their Connect Interface. This is available to all Navigator users, and allows Autotrader adverts to be created and maintained from within Navigator.

The interface is also fully two-way. It is possible for Navigator to monitor and update a vehicle record from information updated on the Autotrader Advert.

So, to discuss a potential scenario.

  1. A vehicle is added to Navigator - at this stage, the basic details (vehicle, spec, price etc) are uploaded to Autotrader but not published
  2. The Advert heading and description is then added to Navigator which update the as yet unpublished advert.
  3. The dealer takes images of the vehicle using a third party application which uploads to Autotrader (eg CitNow)
  4. Navigator Automatically downloads the images
  5. The advert is then ticked for publishing in Navigator when the vehicle is Ready to Retail
  6. The dealer then uses the Autotrader application to monitor pricing on the vehicle, and may update pricing in Autotrader.
  7. Any changes to the advert made in Autotrader are updated in Navigator
  8. If the price or advert is updated in Navigator then this is also updated.

There are many variations on this theme, but the key is that it doesn't matter how you maintain the advert - or where - everything remains in sync!

Find out how this works in the video above.

To implement Autotrader Connect within Navigator, please contact your Customer Success Manager,