Project Management


The planning of your installation begins as soon as the contract is signed, the first step is to find out more about you. Hopefully, if you have arrived at this page then you will already have been assigned and had an introduction to your Project Manager.

The implementation of Navigator is a process which starts now and lasts until approximately 3 months after your "live" date.

The project has several distinct phases :-

Pre-Project Planning - This is the initiation and discovery phase of the project

Project Planning - this is the phase which defines the milestones and key actions to complete the project

System Setup - this is where your system is setup and configured in the data-centre for your use and software is installed on site

Data Migration - this phase handles data migration requirements ready for live migration of data

Pre-Live Implementation - this is where you get to know our training team and receive training on the system

Live Process - this is the final phase where you migrate to using Navigator step by step

Web Developers - Most dealer's need to interface their vehicle stock with their web site so that it automatically updates. This page is a guide for web site developers

As part of the project it may be necessary to get information by way of a Statement of Work. We do this to ensure we capture your requirements completely and can ensure that we meet expectations. To fill out a Statement of Work click here

We use a Project Management Tool which has all the tasks and sub-tasks in it. If you are the Project Manager for the customer, then you should already have had an invite to connect to it and you will see any tasks assigned to you (there will already be some no doubt!). You can mark tasks complete, write notes against tasks etc so that we are aware that you have them in hand.

Please watch this video to see more about how to use Asana - our Project Management System :-

Pre Project Planning