Pre-Live Implementation

Before you start the Go-Live process with the immediate pre-live training, there are several key processes that will take place :-

Sign off of Forms

As part of the Project Planning the Forms layout guide will have been issued, and logos and other information will have been relayed to our team to create the Forms (eg Invoices) which will be generated within Navigator. A sample of these forms will be sent to you for review and sign off prior to going live. Minor changes to the forms are of course possible post-live but it is always important to validate them in advance.

Introductory calls with Implementation Team

A team of specialists will be assigned to the Navigator Implementation.  There will be a series of telephone calls scheduled so that they can introduce themselves to you and get some information about the Dealership directly from yourselves before they start Training. This ensures that they can be focused on any specific issues you may have.

Data Test

Following the supply of test data, this data will be loaded into a test system for review. The review consists of sending an extract of the data for review, and a "screen sharing" session whereby data can be reviewed in Navigator to ensure that it has been done correctly. This is a very important step in the implementation as errors in Data Migration can delay the live process.

Final Scheduling

Whilst the training and Implementation Plan will have been agreed shortly after the Project Planning Meeting - the final shut-off/data migration/live process will not be in detail until after the data test This is largely because it is not until this stage that the time taken to extract, migrate and validate the data is know.

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