Live Process


The Live process starts about a week or so before your actual live date, and consists of Training of all Dealer Staff on the basic functions of the system. This is sufficient to enable them to do their basic day to day job when they go live. A full training plan will be issued, and it is important that all staff are made available and attend the Training they are scheduled for.

System Shutdown & Data Extract

Leading up to live, there will a point where the Dealer's existing system will be shutdown ready for migration to Navigator. From this point on the dealership will be largely manual until Navigator goes live. This time is minimized but can often be one working day and often the weekend prior to going live.

Once the system is shutdown, the Dealer will extract the Data for Live Data Transfer - it is critical that the data extracted is the same format as used for the Test Data Migration as this will delay the migration process. This should be supplied to your Project Manager as agreed and at the agreed time.

Data Migration and Signoff

The data supplied in the previous step will be imported into Navigator, reviewed by Navigator staff and then extracts sent to the Dealer for final sign off. The live process cannot continue until this is signed off, including reconciling data against Accounting reports from the incumbent systems.

Go Live

Following the sign off, you will "Go-Live" on Navigator at the agreed time..   

Typically, a Navigator Implementation Consultant will be on site for the first few days to be on-site and available to provide support as you get used to using Navigator.

Also, during this time, the consultant will assist help manage any manual data take-on. Whilst not part of our direct Project responsibilities, our consultants can be in a position to assist in modifying Business Processes should this be required.

Once the first few days have elapsed, typically you will receive a number of further days over the following weeks and months.  These will be identified in your Project Plan, but will normally encompass the following :-

  • Aftersales Follow-up - typically 10 days after go-live
  • Implementation of Aftersales Contact Management System (typically 28 days after go-live)
  • Accounts Follow-up - typically two weeks after go-live
  • One Month Follow-up - normally the first calendar week of the month following go-live
  • Month-End Accounts Follow-up - normally towards the end of the month following go-live

As your project progresses, your Project Manager will review your implementation with you and the timing of these days may be adapted depending on circumstances

Your onsite Implementation Consultants will also keep in touch on a weekly basis throughout your Implementation Process to give any support required.

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