Customer Success


Once you have installed your Navigator system, we hope and strive to ensure that you will stay with us for many years. This is where our Customer Success Team come into play.

Their role sits outside of the normal day to day helpdesk tasks to ensure that you are able to do the following :-

  • Make best use of Navigator system updates
  • Arrange training or new staff
  • Helping with integrations with third party systems or data supply
  • Data Cleansing
  • Business Re-engineering projects

All in all, your Customer Success Manager is there to make sure you are always making the very best use of Navigator that you can. They will be on contact at regular intervals to keep in touch.

If you need to contact your Customer Success Manager then please email or telephone them directly or use the contact button below

Statement of Work

From time to time, you may have the requirement to request us to do something under a "Statement of Work", if so it is likely you have been asked to visit this page by someone within the Navigator team. This is for work that is outside the scope of normal day to day support and includes helping third parties with integrating with Navigator, extracting or updating data on the system etc.

Some examples of items that require Statement of Work Requests are :-

-- User specific reporting

- Changes to configuration (new branch setup, accounting changes etc)

- Updates to forms etc.

- Supply of Additional products

We require you to fill in a written request, which we will use to a) obtain your authorisation for any items requested and b) allow you to define what it is you require our help with.

With regards to filling out the request, please be as detailed as you can with your requirements.

Once you have submitted your Statement of Work the following will occur :-

Immediately : the Statement of Work will be acknowledged and allocated a ticket no in our Helpdesk System

Within 7 working days: The statement of work will be reviewed and responded to, and a timescale for delivery advised as appropriate.

Depending on the requirement, there may be a consultancy charge made for processing the Statement of Work - you will be advised prior to works commencing for authorisation if this is the case.

To complete a Statement of Work, please click here

Submit a Statement of Works

Enhancement Suggestion

Navigator is driven forwards by our customers ideas and suggestions and we welcome these suggestions.

Please be aware though that we score all enhancement suggestions received using a scoring system which looks at the cost of developing the enhancement, compared to the benefits and taking into account the proportions of our customer base that may benefit from the enhancement.

All Enhancements are reviewed within 4 weeks of receipt and accepted or rejected based on the above criteria.

Each month, a proportion of our Developers time is allocated to Customer Enhancements and these are allocated based on the order of the scoring above. Once complete, enhancements are documented in our release notes and generally no further communication is made with the customer making the request.

It should be noted that Acceptance of an Enhancement Request does not necessarily mean that it will ever be implemented.

Enhancement Requests that haven't reached the top of the Development list are archived after 18 months.

To complete an enhancement request, please click here

Please bear in mind to ensure that the business value is made clear as part of the request to ensure that we fairly score all requests,.

Submit an Enhancement Suggestion
Contact your Customer Success Manager