Navigator Data Cleansing

The value of keeping your database clean...

If you have a clean, accurate and up to date Customer  Vehicle database, this can help you to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction and save on marketing cost.

You would want to make sure that :-

  • Deceased Customers are removed from your data
  • Customers that have moved aren't written to
  • MOT Dates are always correct on all records
  • Vehicles that are no longer owned by your customer aren't in Service Follow up campaigns
  • Scrapped Vehicles are just deleted

In addition, it's a great idea to keep the database clean by removing vehicles from Aftersales follow up - if they haven't visited the dealership in some years.

This reduces your  Marketing Spent, by sending less emails, less text messages, less letters and making less calls.

It improves your Return on the investment you do make, and can mean you gain more work in your workshop by being able to target this spend on customers that actually do need to use your servicing facilities.

Introducing Navigator Data Cleansing

Navigator Data Cleansing encompasses a number of self-service tools including :-

  1. Automatic Archiving of old customer records
  2. an Initial cleanse of the Customer Database
  3. Ongoing regular lo-cost recleanses of the Customer Data
  4. an Initial cleanse of the Vehicle Database
  5. An initial update of all Vehicle MOT Dates
  6. Configure Vehicle Data Watch - a vehicle monitoring service

Each option will advise of the cost of the service before you commit, and you confirm. You will be invoiced at the end of the month, no statements of work or requests to our helpdesk.

  • Removes all deceased customers from your database on an ongoing basis
  • Monitors address changes
  • Every time a vehicle has an MOT (whether you do it or someone else does), the record on Navigator is updated with the MOT expiry
  • Every time a vehicle has a keeper change that you didn't instigate (eg by selling them a car!) your record is updated
  • When the vehicle is scrapped it's removed
  • In addition, if a private registration plate is assigned to the vehicle - your database reflects that change.


The cost.

Also simple.

For cleansing - between 80p and 100p per Customer record cleaned (you only pay for records updated)

For initial Vehicle Cleanses - 10p per vehicle updated

For Vehicle Data Watch - £10 per thousand vehicle records that are monitored per month.

The return is instant. Your database will be more focused.

You only need to recapture a single MOT from those 1,000 records where the customer had their last MOT last year (and your record consequently lapses it's MOT reminders) and you've paid for this several times over!