Welcome to Open Banking !

How do you fancy taking Payments online with only a 0.3% fee and instant transfer into your bank account? 


Stop reading now and go check your credit card merchant fees!

 This can save up to 85% of the merchant costs of a typical online credit card payment and 75% of an in person credit card payment.   

 Plus the payment also posts the payment into Navigator - and automatically reconciles it to your bank account.

See it in action here :

This feature is part of our FREE Open Banking Subscription (Merchant transaction fees are additional).

In addition this gives you the opportunity to download your bank account transactions into Navigator automatically and massively speed up your bank reconciliation (it takes us under 10 mins to do our monthly transactions compared to 2 hours)

See the Bank Reconciliation at work :-

Coming in addition will be the ability to make online payments to suppliers using Open Banking.  No more downloading files and uploading into online banking systems.