Project Planning

The Project Planning part of the overall Navigator Implementation starts with an on site Project Planning Meeting.

This meeting is carried out onsite or by video and will discuss your project as follows :-

1. Introductions

Introduction to everybody at the meeting and reviewing the aims of the meeting

2. Review of the Document of Understanding Documentation

The document of understanding is a framework document which defines the key tasks that will be carried out by your Project Manager and the Navigator Project Manager. It also reviews the key milestones that will be reached and give an expectation of the amount of time that various members of staff will need to be putting into the project at various times.

3. Project Planning Documentation Discussion

The Project Planning documentation will have been partially completed by yourselves prior to the meeting. This will be reviewed, sanity checked and further information requested should it be required.

4. Hardware Requirements and Network Setup

The requirements for running Navigator will be advised and the minimum Hardware Specification will allow you to confirm that all Hardware (PCs, printers etc) are suitable for the implementation of Navigator.

5. Forms Layouts

Navigator relies on a no of forms - from Invoices through to Job cards. These are customised with dealer logos, names, addresses and contact details along with customised Terms and Conditions if required.

6. Training Environment

On site training will take place during the Navigator Implementation and it is important that the Training Environment is condusive to delivering training. This is discussed here.

7. Training Plan / Practice

The methodology of training the Navigator system is discussed along with the importance of Practice before using the system for real. Navigator provides a training /practice environment for use by staff following training.

8. Data Migration

Data Migration of standardised data is part of the Navigator implementation. This section discusses the data that is available and the requirements for migrating it into Navigator. Please also review the dedicated Data Migration Page

9. Review of Actions and Close

Following the Project Management Meeting

After the Project Management Meeting there will be a requirement for a reasonable amount of work to be carried out by both DMS and the Navigator, this includes (but is not reserved to) :-

- Creation and Signing off on the Implementation Plan
- Confirming the Live Date
- Supplying Test Data for Data Test
- Supplying Information and data (eg logos for forms) to ensure that the system setup can be completed
- Liaising with Third Parties
- Installation of Navigator on PCs in the dealership
- Setting up the Dealer's System in the Data Centre


The following documents may be be relevant following or during the Project Management Meeting :-

Document of Understanding
On Site Training Requirements
Data Migration Guide
Hardware & Software Requirements
Forms layout guide

System Setup