Data Migration

Data Migration into Navigator is achieved by exported reports from a Dealer’s existing DMS/CRM systems.   The data should be presented either as a formatted text file or as a spreadsheet style file in CSV format.

 It is the Customers responsibility for supplying data in a suitable format for migration.  Optionally, in certain circumstances DMS Navigator will have some documentation relating to certain systems that is available – without warranty – that may assist in extraction of the data.    

 Alternatively, the customer can contract DMS Navigator or a third party recommended by DMS Navigator to assist in the data extraction.  This is supplied on a consultancy basis and is outside the scope of the Implementation of Navigator  

 It should be noted that data migration is not a substitute for being able to access your legacy system. Only summarised data from specific parts of the legacy system are transferred. It would not be possible for example, to gain copies of invoices or reproduce historical accounts information from Navigator pre-dating migration.  

 It is the Dealer’s responsibility for ensuring that they have access to data for audit purposes, eg, external accountants or HMRC.

 An example of each format is as follows:


Formatted Text File


Part No          Description                        Retail    Cost                      Stock

Part1               A Widget                             9.99                      5.99                          2

Part2               AnotherWidget  10.99     4.99                          3


 CSV Format


This data is then reformatted and imported into the Navigator system.

 CSV files must follow standardised CSV format and have a header line defining the fields.  Any files supplied should also be accompanied by a document describing each relevant field in the data.

  A standard CSV file has the following rules:-

 1.      A header line

2.      Each line ends with a CR / LF pair

3.      Text data is surrounded by double quotation marks

4.      A Quotation mark in a field is represented by a a double-quotation eg “This is a“” quotation mark in a text field”

5.      Fields are separated by commas

6.      Numeric fields do not have to be surrounded by quotation marks but can only contain the digits 0-9 and a full stop (.)


“Part No”,”Description”,”Retail”,”Cost”,”Stock”

“Part1”,”A Widget”,9.99,5.99,2

“Part2”,”Another Widget”,10.99,4.99,3

 Data from any section can be supplied in multiple-files provided there is a “common” key field – For example, a Part No, Customer Reference.


Data Imports Available


The following data files can be imported into Navigator:




Part Stock - Including Part No, Description, Bin Location, Retail Price, Cost Price, Stock Qty on hand, Stock Value. Negative stock is not imported, and any negative vales are reset to zero,

Parts Demand History - Including Part No, Current Months sales, Sales month -1, Sales month-2….  Sales month-12


Customer Database

 Customer contact data - Title, First Name, Surname, Address,Telephone, Mobile no, Work no

 Vehicle Data - Reg No, Make, Model, Derivative, Chassis(Vin/Serial) No, Engine No, Colour, Last Service Date, Next Service Date, Next Mot Date, Key No, Mileage, Mileage date

 Service History - Inv No, Job No, Date, Job Description,Price, Reg No, Chassis (Vin/Serial) No

Please view the document on Data Cleansing Customer Data


Sales Ledger

 Please note that Sales Ledger accounts are renumbered when imported into Navigator

 Account Details - Account No, Name, Address, Tel No, contact

 Open Transactions - Account No, Invoice No, invoice date,Amount


Purchase Ledger

 Please note that Purchase Ledger accounts are renumbered when imported into Navigator

 Account Details - Account No, Name, Address, Tel No, contact

 Open Transactions - Account No, Invoice No, invoice date,Amount


Data Migration Process


As part of the Project Planning, two key dates for Data Migration will be identified.   These relate to the supply of data for the Data Test and the supply of Data for the Live Data Processing.

 For the project to process as scheduled it is essential that Test Data and Live Data is provided by the data agreed.

 Once the Test Data has been received, it will be processed by the Navigator Data Migration Team and imported into a Dummy system for review.    

 It should be noted that Data Migration is an “as-is” process and that the data is not manipulated in any way beyond mapping the data fields into our database.   Ie we do not quality check nor provide any correction to the data.  

 Various Data Enhancement Services are available and should be discussed with your Project Manager – these vary from:-

 ·        VRM lookup – updating Vehicle information using Registration no to standardise the Vehicle description, Registration Date, Chassis No and Colour.

·        Archiving based on last-seen date (normally last service invoice date)

·        Processing through third party data cleansing services to enrich the data.

  You can download the above information - the Data Migration Guide

Manual Creation of Data for Import

It is not always possible to extract data from an incumbent DMS system or other systems in the dealership. Therefore It may be necessary to collate data manually into spreadsheet format. This is also used for setting up some standard tables in Navigator.

The following standard templates are available for use - please discuss this with your Project Manager


Often it is required to upload Parts information and stock manually. Please download this template for this purpose

Many (most) Franchises price their prices using a combination of Part no and Discount Code and provide a separate list of Discount codes and purchasing discounts. The table of these discounts are required to be imported using the following template (please supply one per franchise). Please see these instructions for filling out the template

Service History

Service History can be prepared and uploaded manually. Please download this template for this purpose.

Job Code List

A list of standard job codes, organised into pages along with standard labour times and skills can be created to make creation of Job Cards easier when live. Please download this template for this purpose and view instructions

Dealer Accessory Tables

Dealer Accessories need to be created in Navigator - it can be easier to organise the pages and accessories on a spreadsheet and imported by the Navigator team as part of System Setup. It is essential that this file is available before System Setup (approx 5 weeks before live). Please download the template for this purpose.

Dealer Extended Warranty Table

A warranty table can be created in Navigator which can be used to easily select when creating Sales Orders. This table can be imported as part of System Setup. Please download this template for this purpose.

Sales Ledger Open Invoices

For where the Sales Ledger is held manually or on a system that can't be exported, it may be necessary to manually create an import database for Sales Ledger Debtors. Please use this template

Purchase Ledger Open Invoices

For where the Purchase Ledger is held manually or on a system that can't be exported, it may be necessary to manually create an import database for Purchase Ledger Debtors. Please use this template

Documentation on Extracting Data from Third Party System

Over the years, Navigator users have migrated from many other systems. We have made some notes on how to extract data from some of these systems. Whilst we believe the notes to be correct, they have been supplied to us by our customers and may sometimes be out of date. They should serve as a guide only and the output verified to ensure that the data extracted is as required.


Please see here


Please see here


Please see here

Dragon 2000

Please see here

Sage Line 50

Please see here

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