Data Migration - Sage Line 50

Navigator are experienced in Data Migration from many systems and have notes, made by customers who have migrated from various systems on how to extract data from various systems.

Sage Line 5- is one such system. Notes on how to extract data from Sage are below. These should be verified to be up to date and Navigator provide no warranties onto accuracy on current versions of the system as they may change from time to time.

Sales Ledger



make sure no customers selected

Click Reports and select Customer details"

Select Customer Record CSV (Extended)

Click Export

Save as slcust.csv

Click OK to Export all Customer Records


Back on reports

Select "Aged Debtors"

Select "Aged Debtors Analysis (Detailed")

Select Export

save as sltrans.csv

Choose a transaction date in the future and tick Inc future transactions


Now go to suppliers

make sure no suppliers are selected

select reports

and supplier details

choose supplier record csv extended

click export

Choose Export

export as plsupp.csv

click ok


Choose Aged Creditors from reports

and Aged Creditors Analysis (Detailed)

export as pltrans.csv

select a future date and tick Inc Future Tran and the ok
>>> Live Process