Data Migration - Pinewood

Navigator are experienced in Data Migration from many systems and have notes, made by customers who have migrated from various systems on how to extract data from various systems.

Gemini is one such system. Notes on how to extract data from Pinewood are below. These should be verified to be up to date and DMS provide no warranties onto accuracy on current versions of the system as they may change from time to time.


Stock list

In Pinewood, click on : Parts > Reporting > Price list - select a Parts Department - download and open in Excel, Save As parts.csv

Click on Parts > Reporting > Valuation > Valuation - Click on Valuation on the top bar, then download and open in Excel, save as stock.csv


Parts > Reporting > Movement > select date from (at least 12 months ago) > accept - download and save as partshist.csv


    Create a selection in Pinewood and save as a name

CRM > Search > Saved Selection - Select name from above > search > Save  > Tick Search and Accept Download - Save as Customers.csv

Service history

There is no report in Pinewood that can export Service History - Please contact Pinewood for a standard full service history extract

Accounts Data

Sales Ledger

Accounts > Sales Ledger > Master Accounts > Export (from top menu) - account level = "master" - save as slcust.csv

Accounts / Sales ledger /reporting/ select transaction (at top) ..  Outstanding transactions..  Create report      export report...  Download

Accounts / Purchase Ledger / transactions accounts/ export (at top) save as plsupp.csv

Same for purchase ledger

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