Training Environment

When training takes place on site it is essential that the provision of suitable training environment is made available.


  • The training room should be self-contained (ie not a thoroughfare) and be large enough to sit all trainees plus the trainer comfortably.


  • Our Trainers have their own laptops and projectors; and will require a blank wall for projection and two power sockets conveniently situated, they will also require a suitable wifi connectivity. 


  • During the training course, delegates are expected to be “hands-on” – therefore computer equipment will need to be supplied by the customer to allow for at least 1 PC  between two delegates – these PCs should be pre-loaded with Navigator and connected to the Internet.

  • In addition, following many of the training courses, delegates will be given ‘Practice Sheets’ with a series of exercises to run through after the course. It is therefore essential that a few PCs are configured with Navigator and made available for delegates to practice on.

Online "ELearning Training"

Many Navigator Training courses are available as online training courses. The online training courses are designed to be consumed in units of 20 minutes with individual courses taking 2 hours maximum to complete.

It is important that all staff complete all online training courses in full so they can make best use of Navigator. As such it is best practice that the Dealer Project Manager creates a schedule for staff to use the training room for their online training

Remote Implementation Support

It is often that our Implementation Team provide online remote support using videocall. To help this, it is ideal that there is a web cam/speaker enabled pc in the Training room with a large screen for presentation, and a web cam/speaker available in each key department so that they can make best use of this facility.

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