Sales Toolkit Training Course

Course Description

Course description


This course will cover the basic use of the Sales Toolkit


The attendees for this course should be as follows: Sales Executives, Sales Administrators, Sales Managers



Creating an Enquiry 

Recording a customer contact 

Recalling an Enquiry 

Adding a part exchange and viewing an appraisal 

Creating a Quotation 

Raising an Order 

Completing an Enquiry 

Review Sales Toolkit Reports


- Complete the practice sheet given by the trainer

For running this exercise, please use the information / worksheet relating to your delegate number. This will be referred to as your data set.

Please press print after completing each of the exercises and retain. Once all exercises have been completed, return this signed along with all the printouts.

Login to the system

Access Vehicles and select the Sales Toolkit


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.

1.       Creating and Saving an Enquiry

·       Create a new enquiry using the 1st customer from the dataset

·       Select a vehicle from the price list

·       Save the enquiry

Complete ⎕

2.       Record a contact for a follow up action

·       Using the enquiry above create a customer contact

·       On the customer contact state the Enquiry was for a New Vehicle and the customer took a demonstration drive

·       Enter a follow up date for next contact and enter the reason as “Too give the customer a quote”

Complete ⎕

3.       Recalling an enquiry and adding a part exchange

·       Using the previous enquiry, add a part exchange to the enquiry

Complete ⎕

4.       Creating and Printing a Quotation

·       Recall the previous enquiry and raise a quotation

·       Print the quotation

Complete ⎕

5.       Raising as an order

·       Using the enquiry above, raise an order from the quotation previously made in exercise 4

Complete ⎕

6.       Closing an Enquiry

·       Recall the previous enquiry and close the log

·       Mark the Enquiry as a sale and enter the next contact date as tomorrow date

Complete ⎕



Delegate Declaration:

I confirm that I have completed the exercises on the above topics


Signed:                                            Position:                                                        Date:                                                         

Name:                                             Company:                                                     Trainer:                             






Delegate 1


Tracey Miles



Delegate 2


Robert Hible



Delegate 3


Sara Olivant



Delegate 4


Michelle Fern



Delegate 5


Simon Coshan



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Exercise 2:

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Exercise 4:

Exercise 5:

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