Parts Training Course

 This course discusses the basic processes relating to selling and stocking parts.

 The attendees for this course should be as follows: All parts staff, managers and anyone that is involved in selling or purchasing parts

Course Agenda

 Point of Sale
- Existing Cash Customer
- New customer
- Account Customer
- Part issued to a workshop job
- Part issued to a Sales Vehicle
- Sales with individual discount
- Sales with bottom line discount
- Sales with Surcharge item
- Credit a Part
- Reverse Invoice
- Carriage Charge
Customer Orders
Special Order
Parts Order by Part No
Order Reporting  and booking out   
View & Update Records Option 
Goods In 
Return Old Units 
Stock Take
General Functionality & Navigation

For running this exercise, please use the information / worksheet relating to your delegate number. This will be referred to as your data set.

Please press print after completing each of the exercises and retain (retrieve print outs from the printer as you go along). Once all exercises have been completed, return this signed along with all the printouts.

Login to the system

Access Parts and select the Point of Sale


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.

1.       Creating an Invoice

·       Add the first part number from your data-set sheet and add a quantity of 1 to the invoice

·       Complete this invoice to a cash customer searching for the 1st cash customer in your data-set

·       Select credit card as type of payment

·       Print the invoice

Complete ⎕


2.       Cash Sale Invoice – Creating a New Customer

·       Create another invoice using the 1st part number from the data-set sheet, this time setting it to a new cash customer

·       Use your name, dealership address and telephone number

·       Select payment type of cash

·       Print the invoice

Complete ⎕

3.       Account Sale Invoice

·       Using the 2nd part number in the data-set, create an invoice to the second customer in the data-set.

·       Sell to their account (2nd customer being an account customer)

·       Print the invoice

Complete ⎕

4.       Booking a part to a Workshop Job

·       Using the 3rd part number on the data-set sheet, book a quantity of 1 to a workshop job using the 1st job number listed in your data-set

·       Print the picking note

Complete ⎕




5.       Cash Sale Invoice – Adding discount

·       Issue a quantity of 1 of the 1st part number on the data-set sheet - give a 10% discount on the part line

·       Add part number 2 from the data-set sheet – without any discount

·       Generate the invoice as cash to the 1st customer in the data-set

·       Print the invoice

Complete ⎕

6.       Selling a part with Surcharge

·       Issue a quantity of 1 of the surcharge part on the data-set sheet

·       When requested, do not accept the return of the old unit

·       Raise this invoice as cash to customer number 2

·       Print the invoice

Complete ⎕

7.       Crediting a Surcharge Unit

·       Credit the exchange unit issued in the previous invoice

·       Generate the credit note

Complete ⎕


8.       Crediting an Invoice – Process 1

·       Credit the part from the invoice generated in exercise 1

·       Do this by typing in the part number and selecting a quantity of minus 1

·       Print the credit note

Complete ⎕

9.       Crediting an Invoice – Process 2

·       Using the reverse invoice function, reverse the invoice generated in exercise 2

·       Print the credit note

Complete ⎕

10.   Creating a Special Order

·       Create a special order for a ‘service kit’ for the 1st job on the data-set sheet  using the 1st Customer from the data-set sheet

·       Use the 1st supplier in the data-set

·       Print the Purchase Order

·       Complete the invoice

Complete ⎕





11.   Generating a Goods In for a Special Order

·       Minimise parts sales and access the parts goods in screen

·       Using the select order button choose the order generated in the previous exercise

·       Use your name as the delivery note number

·       Add a quantity of 1 of the 1st part number on the data-set sheet

·       For the 2nd part, use a part number made up of your initials followed by the date – e.g. If your name is Fred Bloggs and the date was 16th May 2013, the part number would be FB160513

·       The part is an ‘air filter’ and the retail price is £9.99 and the cost price £6

·       Add one of these parts to the goods in – complete the goods in and take the option to book straight out

·       Print the picking note

Complete ⎕


Delegate Declaration:

I confirm that I have completed the exercises on the above topics


Signed:                                             Position:                                                        Date:                                                         

Name:                                             Company:                                                     Trainer:                             


Delegate 1

Part Number                    Description                      Price                   

PRACT01                           RETAINING SPRING         0.84                      

PRACT02                           BULB                                  0.77

PRACT03                           WASHER                           2.58

SPRACT01                         REGULATOR                     47.53    Surcharge: 10.00

Customers:                                                                                Job Number:

Amy Reilly                                                                                  7806.1

Simon Green (A/c 0457 - Tankersley Chef)

Purchase Ledger:

A/c 0414 – Auto Parts


Delegate 2

Part Number                    Description                      Price                   

PRACT04                           RETAINING SPRING         0.84                      

PRACT05                           BULB                                  0.77

PRACT06                           WASHER                           2.58

SPRACT02                         REGULATOR                     47.53    Surcharge: 10.00

Customers:                                                                                Job Numbers:

Richard Gates                                                                            7807.1

Hannah Browns (A/c 0458 – Flower Bloom)

Purchase Ledger:

A/c 0415 – 4 Wheel Drive


Delegate 3

Part Number                    Description                      Price                   

PRACT07                           RETAINING SPRING         0.84                      

PRACT08                           BULB                                  0.77

PRACT09                           WASHER                           2.58

SPRACT03                         REGULATOR                     47.53    Surcharge: 10.00


Jake Howard                                                                              Job Number:     

Adam Blakeman (A/c 0459 – Blakeman Buildings)             7808.1

Purchase Ledger:

A/c 0416 – Abbey Dale Supplier

Delegate 4

Part Number                    Description                      Price                   

PRACT10                           RETAINING SPRING         0.84                      

PRACT11                           BULB                                  0.77

PRACT12                           WASHER                           2.58

SPRACT04                         REGULATOR                     47.53    Surcharge: 10.00

Customers:                                                                                Job Number:

Jessica Simms                                                                            7809.1

Ryan Brooke (A/c 0460 – Man & Van)

Purchase Ledger:

A/c 0417 – Macro Automotive Engineering


Delegate 5

Part Number                    Description                      Price                   

PRACT13                           RETAINING SPRING         0.84                      

PRACT14                           BULB                                  0.77

PRACT15                           WASHER                           2.58

SPRACT05                         REGULATOR                     47.53    Surcharge: 10.00

Customers:                                                                                Job Number:

Blake Christian                                                                          7810.1

Caitlin Foster (A/c 0461 – Caitlins Home Cleaners)

Purchase Ledger:

A/c 0418 – Philips Auto Supplies

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Exercise 2:

Exercise 3:

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