Workshop Training Course

Course Description


 This course will cover the basic use of the Workshop Reception. 


- Creating a Workshop Booking 

- General/Insurance/Warranty Searching for a Workshop Booking 

- Accepting a Workshop Booking 

- Amending/Adding a job line 

- Re-booking a job line 

- Invoicing/ Crediting a Workshop Booking 

- Releasing a Workshop Booking 

- Reviewing the Diary 


- Complete the practice sheet given by the trainer

For running this exercise, please use the information / worksheet relating to your delegate number. This will be referred to as your data set.

Please press print after completing each of the exercises and retain. Once all exercises have been completed, return this signed along with all the printouts.

Login to the system

Access Workshop and select the Service Reception option


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.

1.       Creating a Workshop Booking

·       In service reception, create a workshop appointment using the 1st vehicle reference in the data-set.

·       The 1st request will be a service, search for a standard service job

·       The 2nd request will be a complaint of ‘engine warning light on’

·       Allow half an hour for the diagnosis for this job

·       Complete the booking for 12 ‘o’ clock today

Complete ⎕

2.       Searching for a Workshop booking and accepting a job into the Workshop

·       Using the job search, and searching by registration number, find the job you created in exercise 1

·       Accept the job into the workshop (as though the customer just bought the car in)

·       Choose the customers mobile number as main point of contact and complete the acceptance

·       Print Job Card

Complete ⎕

3.       Viewing a job on the T-Card Screen and amending diagnostic time

·       Wait for the above job to show on the T-card screen and retrieve the job by double-clicking on to it

·       Supersede the diagnostics time with a manually typed in job of ‘replace engine management system’ and allow 2 hours

·       Close and save the job card

Complete ⎕

4.       Changing a job line to warranty and amending the labour time.

·       Retrieve the job on screen and use the complete button to mark the job as complete (NB –you would not normally do this in the live system, as the technicians would mark the jobs as complete)

·       Change the 2nd job line (engine warning light on) to ‘warranty’ and change the labour time to 2.5 hours

·       Add a warranty diagnosis note to the operation saying “failed computerised diagnostic check”

Complete ⎕


5.       Invoice and releasing a Workshop job

·       Access the previous job number. Invoice the job and print a copy.

·       Release the job from the workshop taking payment by credit card

Complete ⎕

6.       Allocating parts on a Workshop job

·       Using the 1st job number in the data-set under the heading ‘Jobs with Parts’, search for a job number

·       Allocate the parts to the job line/s as appropriate

·       Invoice the job

Complete ⎕

7.       Crediting a Workshop job

·       Using the same job (as above) credit the invoice and printed the credit note

·       Change the 2nd job line to warranty and re-invoice

·       Release the job

Complete ⎕

8.       Re-booking a job line on a Workshop job

·       Using the 2nd job under the heading ‘Jobs with Parts’ set a menu price of £99.99 on the 1st job line

·       Take the option to re-book the 2nd job line for next Monday

·       Invoice and release the job

Complete ⎕

9.       Creating a Workshop booking with a New Customer

·       Create a new workshop appointment, creating a new customer and vehicle

·       Use your name as customer details and your vehicle as vehicle details

·       Accept this job card and print

Complete ⎕

Delegate Declaration:

I confirm that I have completed the exercises on the above topics                       

Signed:                                            Position:                                                        Date:                                                         

Name:                                             Company:                                                     Trainer:                             



Delegate 1



DELE01 – Audi A2                                                                                                 


Job Numbers:                                                                           




Delegate 2



DELE02 – Ford Fiesta                                                                                           


Job Numbers:                                                                           




Delegate 3



DELE03 – Volkswagen Golf                                                                                               


Job Numbers:                                                                           




Delegate 4



DELE04 – Vauxhall Astra                                                                                     


Job Numbers:                                                                           




Delegate 5



DELE05 – Citroen C1                                                                                            


Job Numbers:                                                                           




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