Key Milestones

The project management tools used by Navigator have some key milestones where one part of the project moves on to the next . The key stages are as below:


  • System Setup - approx 6 weeks pre-live
  • Data Test - approx 4 weeks pre-live
  • Pre-Live - ready for Training - approx 10 days pre-live
  • Pre-Live - at the end of the training
  • System Shutdown - 24-48 hours pre-live
  • Data Extraction and Migration
  • Live Day
  • End of intensive support period - End of Live Week
  • Iniital Follow Up Complete - End of the 2nd week (week after Live)
  • ACM Implementation - Approx 4 weeks post-live
  • Month End Process - shortly after End of the 1st month
  • Management Accounts Complete -End of the 2nd month
  • Project sign-off - End of Month 3

 As would be expected, the implementation is via a layered approach, as such not all business functions are implemented or functioning on live day. The implementation of Navigator is designed loosely with the following aims in mind :-

By end of live week :-

  • Basic invoicing
  • Goods in
  • Basic Accounting functions are implemented

By end of Week 2:-

  • First level of Management Reporting
  • Cash book and Bankings processes up and running
  • General Marketing functions implemented
  • Start process of creating opening Trial Balance fro existing system
  • Review Management Accounts Process

By end of month :-

  • Vehicle deals closed
  • Complete and Post opening Trial Balance
  • Complete training of Management Accounts
  • Complete review of submitting composite
  • Dealership takes actions to complete Management Accounts and Composite

By end of Month 2 :-

  • Management Accounts complete
  • First Composites submitted
  • All day to day processes up and running successfully

End of month 3

  • Project signoff
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