Importing Brought Forward Balances



This process is intended to bring over the Customers closing Trial Balance from their legacy system.

 The import relies on the figures being available in an Excel spreadsheet, which can then be imported into Navigator. Ideally you will be able to export from the legacy system to this format. However, if this is not the case, then the figures would need to be manually entered, by the Customer, onto a spreadsheet.

 The Trial Balance must be figures that are confirmed by the Customer, and it must balance to zero.

 Once exported, a Navigator Consultant will add the necessary headings that are required, in order to create the Navigator Nominal Code.

 The Consultant will then explain and demonstrate the process of adding Navigator codes; to each line of the legacy Trial Balance.

 The Navigator nominal code will be broken down on the spreadsheet, so that each element has its own cell reference. This makes it easier for the customer, and ultimately the Navigator Consultant, to review all nominal codes with a balance and confirm all have a full nominal code.

 The task of adding Navigator nominal codes to each line, is one that is of the Customers responsibility – with completion usually carried out by the Customer, once the Consultant has left site.

 The completed spreadsheet of opening balances, should then be emailed to the Navigator Project Manager who will assign a Consultant, to carry out a review and import accordingly. It should be noted that this review is not intended to check the file line by line, but to ensure the formatting is correct and nominal codes are present.

 The Customer will be asked to confirm the date, that they wish the journal to be imported into Navigator.

 If the balances represent the Customer’s financial year end, the journal should be posted on the last day of the financial year eg.31st December 2016.

 Once imported, the Customer will be informed of the Batch Number and requested to confirm that the Navigator Trial Balance for the relevant month(s) is/are as they would expect. The Customer will also be sent a copy of the csv file that was used to import the balances, as a reference document.


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