Adding Workshop Work in Progress and Appointments

Adding Workshop Work in Progress and forward bookings

As part of the implementation of Navigator, any Workshop Work In Progress is not transferred automatically. Any workshop jobs and appointments that are in place at the point of switch over to Navigator will need to be manually re-entered onto Navigator.

 For most dealerships, a lot of work in progress does not need  transferring onto Navigator. This includes work that is ready for billing but hasn’t been invoiced, warranty jobs and work that has been carried out but will never be billed – which can be written off.

 It is therefore essential to the smooth transition that all unnecessary WIP is removed – either by writing off or invoicing. This process can start several weeks before switchover.

 On the last working day before switching to Navigator, it is helpful that any jobs that can be invoiced are invoiced and cleared. For example, if a job is complete except for issuing one part, it may be better to book the part out and invoice so that it is clear.

 The following procedure should then be carried out on the last working day before data migration commences :-

 1. All job cards that are being carried forward are printed out and collated together so that they can be easily re-entered onto Navigator

 2.All Parts that have been issued onto these jobs are credited so that they are back in parts stock – this is so that when the jobs are re-created in Navigator the parts are available in stock for booking back out to the new job. A print of these parts should be taken and stapled to the job card.

3.Before migration, a final check should be made that no parts are issued to any jobs.

 After migration, all jobs carried forward should be re-created. The new job card should be printed out and attached to the old job card.

 Parts should then book out all parts back to the new job card. 

 The aim should be that all Work in Progress is re-created on Navigator and parts booked back out by the end of the first working day using Navigator.  

 Workshop Appointments

 All workshop appointments will need to be created manually, this job can be started once the data migration has been complete. Jobs can be created on-the-fly until they are all on. In order to support this, all job cards relating to appointments should be printed out from your old system in preparation for transfer.

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