Sales Ledger Training Course

Course description

This course will cover the basic use of the Sales Ledger.

 The attendees for this course should be as follows: Sales Ledger Clerks and Accountants


 Creating a Sale Ledger account

  • Setting account terms

 Searching for an existing account

  • Account drill down

 Posting a Sales Ledger Invoice

 Posting a receipt

 Posting a Sales Ledger to Nominal Journal

 Review Sales Ledger reports


- Complete the practice sheet given by the trainer

For running this exercise, please use the information / worksheet relating to your delegate number. This will be referred to as your data set.

Please press print after completing each of the exercises and retain (retrieve print outs from the printer as you go along). Once all exercises have been completed, return this signed along with all the printouts.

Login to the system

Access Accounts and select the Sales Ledger


Please tick the “Complete” box next to each exercise as you go along.

1.       Create a New Sales Ledger Account

·         Create a New Sales Ledger account using the “New” button

Complete ⎕


2.       Creating an Invoice

·         Raise an invoice to the Sales Ledger account that you created in Exercise 1

·         Enter the Invoice date as of today

·         Enter the invoice total as £50

·         Enter the nominal Code as Valeting Costs using the “Lookup” option

·         Enter the Invoice Text as “Car Valet”

·         Complete and Print the invoice

Complete ⎕

3.       Posting a Receipt

·         Using the 1st account from your data-set sheet post a receipt for £50

·         Select the Payment type as “Direct Payment to Bank”

·         Enter the Reference as DD

·         Pay the first and second invoice displayed at the top

·         Post and complete the batch

Complete ⎕

4.       Posting a Part Payment

·         Using the 2nd account from your data-set sheet post a receipt for £25

·         Select the Payment type as “Direct Payment to Bank”

·         Enter the Reference as DD

·         Part pay the top invoice

·         Post and complete the batch

Complete ⎕

5.       Searching for an Account and Print a copy of an invoice

·         Search for the account created in Exercise 1

·         Review the accounts transactions

·         Print a copy of the invoice that was created in Exercise 1

Complete ⎕






Delegate Declaration:

I confirm that I have completed the exercises on the above topics


Signed:                                                 Position:                                                              Date:                                                    

Name:                                                  Company:                                                           Trainer:                                




Delegate 1

Sales Ledger:

A/c 0462– Mr Robert Reilly

                1st Invoice: 38146

                2nd Invoice: 38151

A/c 0463 – Car Repairs Limited

                Invoice: 38141


Delegate 2

Sales Ledger:

A/c 0464 – Miss Jackie Hall

1st Invoice: 38147

                2nd Invoice: 38152

A/c 0465 – Car2Loan

                Invoice: 38142


Delegate 3

Sales Ledger:

A/c 0466 – Mr Garry Hughes

1st Invoice: 38148

                2nd Invoice: 38153

A/c 0467 – Man&Van

                Invoice: 38143


Delegate 4

Sales Ledger:

A/c 0468 – Mr Lee Savage

1st Invoice: 38149

                2nd Invoice: 38154

A/c 0469 – Floral Beautella

                Invoice: 38144


Delegate 5

Sales Ledger:

A/c 0470 – Miss Susan Brooke

1st Invoice: 38150

                2nd Invoice: 38155

A/c 0471 – Deli Delicious

                Invoice: 38145


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Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Exercise 3:

Exercise 4:

Exercise 5: