Book a Movement

DMS Navigator is fullly integrated with the Book a Movement vehicle movement system.  This will enable Navigator dealers to simply and easily enable vehicles to be delivered to customers, moved between sites or picked up from suppliers from within their Navigator Dealer Management System.     This will potentially save the hundreds of Navigator users precious administration time in arranging deliveries.  

DMS Navigator’s mission has been to create integrated software tools which make a dealer’s life ever easier.  In a digital world, this means linking up third party solutions and services to enable them o be used simply and easily.     This is another example of this at work.

The functionality offered will offer the following features to the Navigator product :-

·        One-click booking of a delivery of a vehicle to the customer.

·        One-click pick up of a vehicle from a supplier.  

·        One-click transfer of a vehicle from one dealership branch to another.

All of the above will hand over the request to the Book a Movement platform where the job can be taken by one of Book a Movements suppliers.

All customer is managed and displayed within the system.

Pricing and Availability

·        This integration will be provided by DMS Navigator free of charge

·        It will be available to all new and existing Navigator users who open an account with Book a Movement