Data Migration - Dragon 2000

Navigator are experienced in Data Migration from many systems and have notes, made by customers who have migrated from various systems on how to extract data from various systems.

Gemini is one such system. Notes on how to extract data from Dragon 2000 are below. These should be verified to be up to date and DMS provide no warranties onto accuracy on current versions of the system as they may change from time to time.


Stock list

Parts > Reports > Stock Check - rename file as Partsloc (create this

file first as it seems to overwrite existing data!)

Parts > Reports > Stock Value Report - rename as partsstock



In Dragon 2000 access Service > Reports > Customers > Export to CSV "All Customers - Concise" save as "customers.csv"

CRM> Vehicle Sales > Custom Mailshot  > Start a new mailshot > change "who have bought to "any item" > Click View Records > Click Export As > this creates a file called "mailshot.csv"

Service history

Service  > Reports > Services Received (Detailed) - select date range from 01/01/08 to current - export as "services received.csv"

Accounts Data

Dragon uses Sage 50 to store it's accounting data, please refer to the Sage Line 50 document for information

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