There are many ways you can get help from us.

Helpdesk Support Web Site

This is available at and allows you to search all our 750+ helpdesk guide articles, chat with our online chat team or submit a helpdesk ticket.

Youtube Channel

Our Youtube Channel at also has over 100 videos that may help and can be easily searched). 

Navigator Classroom

Navigator Classroom is available at and gives access to online training and "hot do" short training guides.

Email us

You can just email the helpdesk at


In these days of digital communication and self service -it's often easier to just pick up the phone. Call us on 0333 888 0477

Out of Hours Help

Our office hours are 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday, but we have an emergency out of hours service that runs to 9pm during the week and from 8am - 5pm on a Sat and 10am - 4pm on a Sunday.

This is a WhatsApp messaging service - please WhatsApp us on : 07441 353 557. This only works during out of hours