Navigator Sales 360 Evolves!

Sales 360 is the core of the Navigator Showroom System, encompassing Lead Management, CRM and Sales Order Processing - all the functions that make a busy sales team function.

Before using the new Sales 360 it is essential that your team all run a short online migration training course (see bottom of page) 

The latest version of Sales 360 builds on the core that has been there for over a decade and adds a number of new features :-

An Updated User Interface

We have taken the very latest in User Interface cues and applied them to Sales 360, making it easier to use and easier to learn. With synchronised context sensitive menus and tabs.

Enhanced Email and SMS system

Two way SMS and Email is now available in Navigator. You can send an email and see how your prospect has engaged with it - when it was opened, if any links have been clicked on. All in near real time.

If a prospect replies to an SMS or an Email, the reply is automatically attached to the Sales Enquiry and can be replied to in turn - right from within the Sales Enquiry .

Pipelines and Stage based processing

A Sales Executive can organise his Enquiries into different Pipelines - eg Enquiries, and pre-Handover, with a number of "stages" eg Enquiry, Demo, Quoted etc. - all designed to allow focus on the deals that can be done now.

Enquiries support drag-and-drop organisation as well.

FCA Compliance Integration

FCA compliance can now become a smooth part of the Sales Process - with one-click integration with third parties such as Automotive Compliance and ITC . No more rekeying customer details.

The integration also updates the enquiry to show whether the Initial Disclosure has been completed, or a full Demands and Needs done as well as noting whether the "window" has opened for selling GAP policies.

More Vehicle Provenance Providers supported

Joining our long term interface with Experian Car Data Check, Sales 360 now supports The HPI Check, and MotorCheck. The integration is easier to use as well.

Direct CAP Valuations

Sales 360 now has a direct link with Cap for valuing a Part Exchange.

Enhanced Lead Capture

Updated web site interface to allow leads to be created in real time on your web site. Easier to configure Incoming Email leads and better telephone integration.

More on the way

And this is just the start of the new Sales 360 updates.

More integration with third party solutions so that the sales process can flow without needing to flip between applications and re-enter information.

Addition of extra communication methods...

All users will get this!

As with all Navigator updates, all users will receive the updated Sales 360 Free-of-charge. Many of the Third party interfaces are free as well!

What do I need to do ? 

Firstly, ensure that all Sales 360 users are aware of the up and coming change so they are aware.

The should all sign up for and attend a short migration training course at

There are several new features that require some action on your part to switch on :-

  1. If you use Automotive Compliance or ITC for your FCA Compliance, contact your Customer Success Manager now to switch this on for when you get the update
  2. If you'd like to receive incoming SMS text messages, this requires a separate subscription for an SMS telephone no. Contact your Customer Success Manager
  3. IF you use Experian CDC or Motorcheck, then contact your Customer Success Manager to arrange integration